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Client objectives and user needs are at the core of our decision-making. By being objective oriented—not rule bound—engineering becomes more meaningful, with design as an integral, collaborative, vital process of getting things right.

About Us

Holmes Group is an organization of engineering and design specialists, each independently expert in their fields, that work together as an integrated whole.

Founded over 60 years ago in New Zealand and now spanning the Pacific Rim, our 300+ professionals deliver creative and practical solutions to our clients’ most exacting & dynamic challenges.

From conceptualization through commercialization, our firms rigorously exercise the technical disciplines of structural, fire, civil, mechanical and electrical engineering. And always with a sense of inspired practicality.

Holmes Group companies share a culture of curiosity. Our common bond is the desire to explore and discover excellence in engineered solutions and to share the delight in its attainment.

Holmes Consulting

With six offices across New Zealand and the Netherlands, Holmes Consulting is a distinctively Kiwi business with a global reach.

Our experience in engineering for challenging seismic zones is peerless. We combine rigorous thinking, original technologies and Kiwi ingenuity—finding new and better ways to design robust, resilient structures.

Ever positive, and absolutely committed to leading new standards of analysis and design, we are the creative alternative to everyday engineering.

With a substantial portfolio of signature projects, Holmes Consulting is trusted to deliver outstanding structural and civil designs all over the world.

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Holmes Structures

The West Coast has long been regarded as a global melting pot for disruptive ideas and novel scientific research and development.

From here, Holmes Structures has served North American clients with structural engineering solutions that offer new possibility for the built environment.

With offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle and Portland, our love for design is paired with a technical acuity that enables built environments to perform for all. Our approach is all-in, immersing ourselves in client objectives with the highest regard for genuine collaboration.

Reflecting our West Coast ethos, we explore new ideas and leverage emergent technologies to challenge traditional prescriptive code, test for cost savings and minimise the impact of structure on the operation and enjoyment of built environments.

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Holmes Fire

Holmes Fire is a specialized fire engineering consultancy with a world leading reputation.

Founded in 1994, we’ve grown to serve global clients from offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Hawke’s Bay.

With an evident spirit of collaboration, we pursue technical design to permit the freedom of architectural expression, whether through performance based fire safety solutions or through the pragmatic application of the prescriptive building codes.

Our substantial professional staff offers a ready reserve of talent, experienced in the unique technical challenges of each project. Pairing innovation with applied expertise, Holmes Fire is distinguished for developing superb solutions with matchless reliability.

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Holmes Solutions

Holmes Solutions design, develop and test products and systems in high risk industries – we pioneer ideas to disrupt competitive commercial and regulatory driven markets. 

Obsessive about our clients’ market objectives, and keenly attuned to understand the needs of users, we employ evidence-based engineering to maximize certainty and optimise performance. Simply, we create products that win.

With a global footprint and diversified in our technical skills, we add value across all stages of a product’s lifecycle, from initial feasibility through final compliance testing. We engineer competitive advantage by developing products that are more useful, usable, and desirable; ultimately leading to increased profits and greater value.

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Holmes Farsight

Specialists in regulatory compliance requirements, Holmes Farsight helps its clients throughout New Zealand navigate through the complexities of consents and paperwork.

Offering industry-specific expertise and close guidance to each assignment, we expedite the building consents process by anticipating and identifying project needs.

We tailor an optimal ‘compliance pathway’ for all scales and types of project in order to minimize risk, delays and additional costs.

Our end-to-end service includes hands-on management of the process from submission right through to code compliance, actively tracing progress through the building consent authorities to keep our clients’ projects on track.

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